Lake Engineering, its customers, and interested regulatory agencies shall at all times have the right of entry to verify the quality of work, records and materials related to this purchase order.

  • Welding of castings (unless specified in a related document) is not permitted.
  • Vendor must provide notification and receive written deviation from Lake Engineering prior to shipment of any non-conforming material. (See note below for instructions.)
  • Vendor must notify Lake Engineering of any significant change from prior submissions in processes or materials used.
  • Vendor is required to flow down all requirements and conditions to any related sub-tier supplier.
  • Vendor is expected to adequately qualify its employees to perform work on Lake Engineering parts, jobs, and purchase orders.
  • Vendor must notify Lake Engineering of any corporate name or location changes.
  • Suppliers are expected to pack our parts with reasonable care to prevent damage in transit. Parts arriving with obvious transit damage resulting from inadequate part protection or containers will be evaluated for the cost of such damage and this cost may be charged back to the supplier.

The date on our Purchase Order is to be considered the LAST date that parts should arrive on our dock. We accept early delivery (up to 3 weeks) of the quantity ordered. If late shipment cannot be avoided, Vendor is required to communicate as quickly as possible, to the name indicated on the purchase order, the quantity available by the due date and the expected arrival date for the balance of parts.The buyer will coordinate with you to arrange a revised schedule and/or change the method of shipment.

Any one container/bundle over 200 lbs. must be palletized on a pallet with a minimum stringer spacing of 21" and a 3.5" height. The weight per pallet CAN NOT exceed 3,000 lbs. Make all deliveries to DOCK A as an END LOAD.

Supplier must keep all data and records related to product conformance indefinitely due to the long lifespan of the commercial and military programs we suppport.

1. Non-conforming material shall NEVER be shipped with conforming material.

2. If the production run has 5% or more non-conforming material for the same defect, call Lake Engineering’s Quality Manager about possible usage or deviation approval.

3. For all other inquiries call the Quality Manager at Lake Engineering.

When a DPAS rated order is initiated, Lake Engineering's supplier must prioritize the DPAS rated order over all other orders to ensure a timely delivery of Government approved programs. Two levels of priority, “DX” and “DO”, are established and authorized through Government Regulation 15 CFR part 700.
All DX rated orders have equal priority with each other and take preference over DO rated order and unrated orders.
All DO rated orders have equal priority with each other and take preference over unrated orders.
If you have any other questions please call the contact name indicated on your purchase order.